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Please be aware that this is a Practice Management Workflow Software for Accountants, Tax Preparers, C.P.A.'s,   Tax Lawyers, Bookkeepers and Accounting/ Tax Offices...!!!  

A message from the CEO himself, Carlos Martinez

Hello friends we Small Business Education is focused on helping accountants to improve the way they run their business and so we have concentrated on analyzing multiple practice management software and electronic document management softwares and have come to the conclusion that Athena Workflow offers the best product because it was created by an accountant for accountants, and has created a product that has two different segments.

Small Business Education was created to help small business owners save time, money, and become more efficient.

We are the most convenient option, to provide strategic guidance to companies and organizations.
We offer advice on how your company can save time and money in its business processes.

Automate workflow processes

When it comes to saving time and money with business processes, automation of workflow processes is key to achieving these goals. Any workflow process that can be automated frees up the time of an employee who could be better employed on more important tasks. This, in turn, means that at least two different tasks are performed for the price of one - a huge savings for a company overall.

Athena Practice Management Software Have Partner with Intuit QuickBooks To Deliver The Best Experience To Accounting Professionals, It Is Obvious That That A Great Practice Management Software Is An Invaluable Tools In The Success Of Any Accounting Practice. Follow the Link To See Athena In The QuickBooks Market Place


Made by an accountant and for an accountant

Electronic management and workflow software

Different mobile devices

Third party integrations (QuickBooks and DocuSign)


Complete security

Data storage

Best price in the industry

Automation and simplification


Accounting Practice Management Software Education

Electronic Document Files Education

Accounting Education

Small Business Education


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