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Athena Workflow a practice management software designed for accountants.

Athena Workflow is accounting practice management software that helps innovative companies reduce chaos by using our cloud-based workflow software.
Reduced to the basics, our accounting practice management software is there to ensure that work is tracked, delegated and completed on time. Tasks with deadlines must be recorded and then assigned to team members so everyone can collaborate together. Equally important is the efficiency with which the system allows you and your team to collaborate on any project. Since accounting firms have hundreds or even thousands of tasks across the company, you'll need a system that can keep everything organized and everyone on the same page.
Among the workflow management tools available, Athena is one of the simplest and easiest to use software. If you are looking for a workflow application to automate your business process workflow, look no further, Athena.

Entre Institute

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What Will You Learn?

Most people have no idea how to master their finances, get in control of their career or shift their daily lives to look more like their dreams and less like future regrets. So in this challenge, our speakers will expose the secrets they've learned for living life on their own terms by following 3 simple but important steps...

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