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Electronic Document Management

Save time by taking customer documents to the cloud by having them just one click away, seamlessly syncing them with your contact database.
By doing the documentation automatically, Athena WorkFlow helps manage and distribute knowledge throughout the company, as well as facilitating the preparation of manuals or consultation of such documentation by users.

Document management software

Document management software can help you organize your digital documents and digitize your existing paper records with ease. Because there are so many choices on the market, we researched dozens of options to pick the best software for various types of businesses. 

Document management 

M-Files is a comprehensive document management system that contains numerous features so businesses can organize documents, digitize large volumes of physical papers and automate several workflow processes. The interface is modeled off Windows Explorer and easy to learn. You can choose an on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid system.

eFileCabinet Online is a cloud-based solution

The system uses a traditional cabinet-folder filing structure and provides several ways to search for documents. eFileCabinet Online is available in three pricing plans, which vary in features and storage.
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